Integrated Building Management System


Integration level

´╗┐TAC Xenta® 511/511-BWeb Server

The TAC Xenta 511 is a web-based presentation system for LONWORKS ® andMODBUS networks. Using a standard web browser, the operator can easilyview and control the devices in the LONWORKS ® network via the Internet or alocal intranet. One TAC Xenta 511 can present a small to medium LONWORKS ®network or be one of several local presentation devices in a larger network.The TAC Xenta 511 can also be used as an LTA (LonTalk ® adapter) between



TAC Xenta 913LONWORKS ® Gateway 

The TAC Xenta 913 is a cost-eective way to integrate a large variety of products into a TAC network. The TAC Xenta 913 supports the most com - monly used open protocols, such as MODBUS , BACnet and LONWORKS ® . It also supports some manufacturer-specific protocols, e.g. I/NET and Clipsal C-bus. The TAC Xenta 913 acts as a gateway, and transfers data point values from one network to another. Configuration is carried out using the TAC XBuilder programming tool.

Ethernet Devices

TAC Xenta 911
The TAC Xenta 911 communication device can be configured in three dierent ways:
• As a LonTalk ® adapter between TAC Vista and a LONWORKS ® network
• As an IP modem, working as a direct replacement for a telephone mo - dem, with dial-up functionality over the computer network
• As a remote serial port, meaning the serial port of Xenta 911 can be used as if it was a serial port on the PC. To be used for the serial protocols of Vista.


TAC Xenta Operator Panel
For convenient local operation of TAC Xenta controllers. Input is via 6 control keys and information is displayed in the clear LCD display. The LCD display’s background lighting can be switched o, if not required, by changing the relevant parameter. The operator panel is connected to the controller with a plug-and-socket connection and supplied with power through the cable con - nector. It can also be directly connected to the LonWorks network.


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